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Where to go, how to get there and where to stay? We detail the travel and lodging logistics required to succeed your quest for international fishing experiences.

Saltwater and freshwater species as well as various techniques are covered in the magazine. From rivers, lakes, streams, oceans and estuaries to shallow reefs and deep blue waters around the globe, we will take you there.

The latest techniques and tackle that bring results are presented in our pages. Real-life testing is done in local conditions to give you genuine unbiased reports. We report on industry-leaders and their products from around the world.

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Smartphone and tablet compatibility allows you access to your magazine at home, while you're traveling or already on location at your destination.

User-controlled interactive links and videos give you instant access to internet sites of interest from within the magazine.

Your magazine is always just a click away, providing you information and reading entertainment anytime you want.

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Feature Articles

Seen On The Web

Destination venues of particular interest are presented through several pages of interesting and useful reading, great photography with tips and suggestions to inform and inspire you.

Snippets, videos, social network posts and other notable discoveries from the Web for your information and entertainment.

New Gear

Resource Conservation

New equipment releases are presented to keep you up to date on the latest fishing products and innovations. We report on industry-leaders and their products from around the world.

Preserving our our planet and its resources is important to all of us. We propose insightful information on climatic changes, water pollution and methods to conserve our fragile angling environments.

 a new species of fishing and travel MAGAZINE iS HERE

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Enjoy interesting, informative and easy reading on your favourite devices. Get inspired for your next sportfishing travel adventure.

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